Rebecca2015First time visitors as well as those who have visited my website in the past, may know me only as a talk radio show host. In 2002, I officially started the Journeys with Rebecca show.  Through communications with the Elohim (my guides), I was compelled to start this radio/video show and bring others on air who are what I call part of the consciousness movement, as is my belief we are all carriers of pieces of the bigger puzzle.  My fireside chat format is really of my own making. It is casual, profound, informative and welcoming… not your typical broadcast.  As with Journeys with Rebecca, the Elohim have always been the driving force in my life… always causing me to stretch my boundaries and showing me that we are far more than we believe we are. Through my communications with them, I have been driven to explore, to share their wisdom and insights with others and to learn everything I possibly can about what it means to become fully and divinely human.  This is my passion and my mission: to reach out to as many people as possible whether through my channelings, readings, classes, workshops, healing techniques, radio shows, or simply by talking and sharing ideas.
Join me and my guests on Journeys with Rebecca Broadcasts as we explore this ever changing world and discoveries. Delve into UFO’s, Consciousness, Channeling messages, Intuitive Astrology, Earth Changes, New Archaeological Discoveries, Alternative Health and Healing, Frequencies, The Construct, Quantum Physics, The known to the unknown and so much more.


Join in the journey. tonight I will be talking about the new energies specifically, What we can expect from this – how it affects us. How to raise your consciousness and what it means to be in the transformational energies. And as always taking your questions. or go to my broadcast page and click on the link!

Welcome to 2018. I have been working on my book since taking a hiatus from the Radio Show (due to pain issues from injuries). But I have not been idle! I have been working on my book:

Night Experiences, Visions, Prophecy and Alternate Realities

I am working with an illustrator now and hope to have this accomplished within the next 2 months maximum. I will keep you up -to-date as I can and let you know too when I will be able to be back on air!

Blessings everyone!

Happy Holiday Season to all!

I hope that you have enjoyed the guests and shows that Tobias has hosted for me these past weeks. I have missed all of you and certainly the great guests as well. I am happy that Tobias was able to take over these scheduled guests to bring you their information and conversation.
I have been asked what the health issues are – I am actually quite healthy, but I have some very old injuries that were never corrected and the pain was great enough and constant enough that I had to take care of it as it was affecting my daily life – everyday. So I am taking this time to clear the rest of the “junk” out and get prepared for the new year and on to being pain free. I do not have a surgery date yet but hopefully sooner than later. 🙂
I spoke to Tobias a few days ago and I thought it would be a good time for me to come on air and together we could do some readings for you on air on Monday night 12.4.2017. I am looking forward to connecting again with all of you.
Please Note: I am available for personal reading appointments during this time. I hope that you will take advantage of this to get information on the upcoming year 2018 – it will prove to be another even more interesting year than this one. So please contact me at: and we can get you set up for an appointment!

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Blessings to All!

Due to the passing of my Brother this show for tonight the 20th will be re-scheduled thank you for your understanding – Blessings

Rebecca Jernigan

Hi – I have recently updated my site to allow people to choose how to either make an appointment with me, sign up for Classes or purchase books – The pages have remained the same but on those 3 pages there is a scroll box from which to choose. When one is chosen you can then use PayPal or Stripe – so you now have choices. If you have any difficulty in scheduling or purchasing, please get a hold of me so I can Help! Blessings