Rebecca2015First time visitors as well as those who have visited my website in the past, may know me only as a talk radio show host. In 2002, I officially started the Journeys with Rebecca show.  Through communications with the Elohim (my guides), I was compelled to start this radio/video show and bring others on air who are what I call part of the consciousness movement, as is my belief we are all carriers of pieces of the bigger puzzle.  My fireside chat format is really of my own making. It is casual, profound, informative and welcoming… not your typical broadcast.  As with Journeys with Rebecca, the Elohim have always been the driving force in my life… always causing me to stretch my boundaries and showing me that we are far more than we believe we are. Through my communications with them, I have been driven to explore, to share their wisdom and insights with others and to learn everything I possibly can about what it means to become fully and divinely human.  This is my passion and my mission: to reach out to as many people as possible whether through my channelings, readings, classes, workshops, healing techniques, radio shows, or simply by talking and sharing ideas.
Join me and my guests on Journeys with Rebecca Broadcasts as we explore this ever changing world and discoveries. Delve into UFO’s, Consciousness, Channeling messages, Intuitive Astrology, Earth Changes, New Archaeological Discoveries, Alternative Health and Healing, Frequencies, The Construct, Quantum Physics, The known to the unknown and so much more.

Tuesday 2-3 PM CT and Wednesday 7-9 PM CT. Come on in and enjoy the show!
Listen Here: PCTV Network on LIVESTREAM
NEW Show Journeys into the New Normal – Monday – 3-4 PM CT here: Wolfspirit.tv

Tonight’s show

I apologize to everyone am having to re-schedule the show – I am unwell – it came on very fast – I will post more in a few days. Thank you


TONIGHT’S SHOW LINK IS:  http://youtu.be/YI0Ndp7c1E0 FOR THE BOOK OF MAN!!! 7 PM CT

Journeys into the New Normal

The show at 3 PM CT today will not be broadcast – I will begin next week with conversation on the Topic – the Construct. this will be at least 3 or 4 shows on information so join us next week on wolfspirit.tv! 11.16.2015


Check out the next class

I have also added a new page under Extras for all of those who are interested in contactee experiences. I will be adding the Session with the Elohim for those who could not make the live event by Wednesday and hope to have the Tarot book and the audio companion ready as well!


Dr Barbara Mango will appear on the 18th not the 28th – please mark your calendars!

New Classes added!

Registration cut off times have been posted for all the classes in November and December. Be sure to sign up soon as they are limited in space. I have also added a NEW class in December for all those requesting and ADVANCED class for timeline exploration! Check it out on the classes page!