Hi everyone,
Well, March is almost over and the energies are abundant with changes! I am putting together some ideas for a few shows. my health has improved enough that I feel I can commit to a show once or twice a month for now. My wonderful producer/engineer Brian has been in contact with me these months and I will coordinate with him on schedule and send an announcement out soon.
In regards to the content – I would really love an open mic show where the audience participates with questions and or topics for discussion. So in light of that I would LOVE to have you write in some questions or topics you would like to discuss on a show. please use this e-mail address: journeyswithrebecca@yahoo.com with show questions in the subject line. I would like to share some experiences too in my time away from the airwaves on the Blue winged ones that visited me and their messages as well as some very specific messages on the war on certain groups here in the united States. And so much more. So I hope you will spread the news and let’s get the conversations flowing!