Changes –

There will be many many changes taking place with Journeys with Rebecca – some are still not completely formed enough to share, suffice to say however there are a few changes that you should know about at this time.
First is that I am being broadcast only on Wolf Spirit Radio at this time and most they are archived shows – and in the coming weeks and months there are many more changes that will be occurring that I am not able to share at this time – but they are fabulous and huge! I will keep you up to date as much as i am able. During these last few weeks many things have changed and will continue to do so. I will be doing readings still on a limited basis and classes are on hold until at least the fall of 2014 – again, I will be making the announcements as they show up – I am hoping to bring some new possible pre-recorded shows to the forefront in the coming weeks and will notify you through this newsletter as well as posting to my website, which that too is undergoing a major overhaul. I hope to roll out the new site in the next month or so at most.
So today I was given some information and I decided to journal it for you here:
The last few months have brought about an introspection of my role as a radio show host, speaker, writer, educator and more. It occurred to me as I have mulled over the information that comes to me in various forms ( dreams, conversations with my Guides and other 3D and non 3D communications) , that my struggle with this has been how to deliver a message of positivity and enlightenment through education and conversation without being “negative” or fear-mongering? This dilemma has caused me to stop in my tracks – immobilized as it were. So, today or rather last night I had a small epiphany – That TRUTH is the positive message – for if we stick our head in the sand and refuse to look at the reality or truth of any situation, topic, etc then that in itself is not positive.
We live in duality here on this Earth that is the scientific truth of this reality we share so would it not stand to reason that there are factions or actions happening now on this planet as they have been for many hundreds of thousands of years are dual in nature by the very science it is supported by? Well my answer would be yes. Now that being said do we truly understand all there is to know about duality – I would say no. We simply do not know what we do not know. However there are repeatable actions that can help us to comprehend that what we do understand is that it is for sure duality. At the very least our understanding of it.
So where is this going? I decided that for me, I would prefer to know the good, the bad, the ugly so that I can better understand what is out of kilter in our duality to bring in more awareness within myself to uplift the level of duality by being able to choose which side I want to ride on – and for me that is the side that is kind, generous, loving, understanding, compassionate and all of that. I feel that to be able to accomplish that you HAVE to look at what is being presented by all the “alternative” people, situations and really drill down to the truth and reality of any given situation – what you see on the surface is not necessarily what its’ true nature is. So for all the negativity and dark side of this world we seem to be presented with there is so so much more to be seen and understood to bring a higher level of consciousness, awareness and betterment to humanity. So I will walk along being observant, vigilant and open to the potential of knowledge, change and truth, no matter how it shows up. Walking in my authenticity as much as I can!