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October 22nd Noon CT- 2 PM CT

Past Life Regression- Timeline Integration – online class.This small intimate class will lead you through a series of potential discoveries of what you need to understand about yourself and perhaps even those in your life in this timeline.

It is specifically designed to take into consideration each individuals’ area of their life that could be a negative behavior, reaction and/or redundant actions that do not allow you to move forward in those areas.

It begins with a short explanation of the process and we move into the meditative stage where you get comfortable and relaxed. You will be introduced to your “safe place” and then onto your own guide(s) who will be there to assist you in this process.

From there we get into a timeline (of your or your guides instructions) whereby you have the potential to view the POINT OF ORIGIN of what you need to understand and acknowledge.

From there we begin the reverse process and then onto the discussion area where each person will be given specific information that relates to them only on what they experienced during the process.

Brief Outline of what is covered:

Akashic Records  –  Parallel Time Lines –Past Lives –Bleed Through –Hall of Records Karma-What it is and what is not. Law & Effect, Re-Incarnation cycle, DNA, Point of Origin, Pivotal Moments, Integration, Review – Clarify – Define, Re-Write, Healing – Understanding – Awareness, Process – Hall of Doors, Meeting Guides-Specific to you – choice of what is the best “timeline” to view.

I wrap it up with a one to one based on the experience you had within the class and then give you additional instructions on how to continue with the resolution/healing/understanding of your own unique experience of this class. Q&A always!

This will be recorded and sent to each participant within 48 hours so you can go through it again if needed.

This class will be LIMITED to only 3-6 people maximum.

You will need some experience in following guided meditations as well as the ability to explore within your meditative state on your own.

You will also need an internet connection – headphones/speaker and a microphone. This is an interactive class!

This class has had tremendous success with many people to identify and resolve, in some cases, life-long issues or struggles. This class has the potential to move you into a place of better understanding and answer questions that are pertinent to you and your life.

So, if you are looking for some answers this may be the class for you!

Class size 3-6

Time: 1.5 hours – 2 hours (approx.)

CLASS DATE: October 22nd  Registration Closes

Time: 11:00 AM Central time,-12:00 PM ET, 10 AM MT, 9 AM PT

Where: A conference number ( 712.432.3100 conf # 638522)for those who want to call into the conference. (please note: if you call in long distance charges may apply) or Skype ( you will need to let me know so I can get you on the call PRIOR to the start of the class. This will be recorded and anyone attending will get a copy of the class via e-mail in audio format.



November 12th               11 AM – 1 PM CT 

Atlantis Crystal Chamber and DNA Recoding

In this ONLINE workshop we will begin by exploring the levels of this natural chamber that was/is designed to rebalance, harmonize, synchronize and heal. It will awaken or strengthen the body’s response to activation of DNA and help to reprogram old patterns, getting out of the “wheel” cycle of repeated actions, thoughts, etc., to your more natural state.

This technique has many layers of healing – which involves the process of restoring the body, mind and Spirit to its original state, prior to all the trauma we have all experienced repeatedly through many life times.

It uses crystals, sound, light and the natural energy found within and around the Earth. It is an ancient application that was used to restore any that were living on and in the Earth to their natural state, thereby releasing any negative, disruptive or non-beneficial energies, illnesses etc to the natural state of the individual. This workshop can also give you the ability to remember who you are and what you are to do. It can elevate your dream states and your spiritual awareness.

This workshop will start out with information on each of the techniques explored during the process itself. Along with detailed information on how to apply these techniques and answer any questions that will arise during this time in the workshop. After that we will go through a mediation to bring everyone to a relaxed place and then begin our journey to the chamber where the actual process takes place. Ample time is given in each phase to be sure you are where you need to be before moving to the next phase of the healing process.

Once we are completed with the chamber we will all come back to our starting place and a Q&A session will begin.

This is extremely powerful  process you may repeat may times as you uncover what you need to heal and strengthen your vibration to bring you into a higher state of Being.

This is an intensive workshop designed to elevate your frequency, re-code your DNA and so much more!

Class size is limited to 10

Pre-Registration is required – ONLINE – Internet access is required.

DATE-TIME:November 12th @ 11:00 AM Central time

Where: A conference number ( 712.432.3100 conf # 638522)for those who want to call into the conference. (please note: if you call in long distance charges may apply) or Skype ( you will need to let me know so I can get you on the call PRIOR to the start of the class. This will be recorded and anyone attending will get a copy of the class via e-mail in audio format.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours with a 15 minute break



If you have taken my previous class/es on Past Life Regression – Timeline Integration then you may want to explore the next step! Or maybe you have already accomplished this in your own experiences, then maybe you are ready for this.n this class I will facilitate leaving what I call the Karmic cycle of incarnations of the Earth to Previous OR Future timelines or even timelines on Earth before the “Great Change” that took place on this planet.

This class is especially suited to those who want to explore their “Soul Group” or “home” Planet or location. It is beneficial to those who want to understand and integrate your unique skills, talents and understanding of you from a much deeper and broader perspective.

As in the first class we will also be integrating this information through processing the information during the class. You will have more information to process and assimilate to take away with you for further development and understanding. Tools as it were.

We will begin with a unique meditation designed for you and this class. At that point there will be no boundaries to where you will begin this journey, whether on planet or off planet. Whether human or not – no boundaries so you begin to explore even further into unique genetic coding through timelines/galaxies/dimensions, etc.

Date: October 22nd  2017

Time: 11 AM Central Time

Length: Approx. 1.5 – 2 hours

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE – only 6 Attendees for this class.

CUT OFF for Registration is TBA, 2017

Will be an online conference call and recorded which will be sent to you within 48 hours after this ends. If you cannot call in and have Skype I can bring you in through there. Please advise.




Guide to Empaths – identification and tools to navigate your world! Through the years I have suggested a book called “ Are you really too sensitive” written by Mary Calhoun, the reason, it is because I needed to understand myself and why I felt and reacted to my world and others in it. It was a huge sense of relief when I read those pages all those years ago to realize someone did understand me and most importantly that someone could IDENTIFY in words, what I was experiencing and how I felt.This class will assist you in not only identifying your unique nature (we are all unique truly), but will also carry it a bit further in assisting you to navigate better in the world around you.We all have had experiences of feelings and physical reactions to certain places, situations and times. And for many, it controls you, your reactions, and they seem to have a life of their own. Then you admonish yourself for not being in control of yourselves. Unfortunately these are not answers nor do they help!As an energy sensitive and of course an empath myself I have learned a lot about how the outside world and environment can affect and effect us as an individual.This class will go beyond just giving you tips, I will also go into the realm of definitions and how we allow those definitions to actually define us and who we are and why that is a negative. And then I will go forward to helping you not only understand your own uniqueness but how to not fall into the same traps that set you off into a reactionary mode.Brief Outline:Descriptions and discussion forEmpath –Sensitive –Intuitive-





This will also include Q&A for the terms and understanding.

Brief discussion on other ESP Terminology.

How to identify your own “sensitivity” to help you understand how you respond to your own environment and any environment you find yourself in.

How to identify your own “sensitivity” to people who you just meet or those you interact with.

Reaction to new environments and understanding them.

Trigger Points – what is triggering your response?

How to DEFINE what is your unique sensitivities?

Exercises and Tools to assist you in not only understanding yourself better but to become more aware and in control of “knee-jerk” reactions or not owning what does not belong to you.

This class will focus a lot on understanding what belongs to YOU and not someone else in regards to emotions, feelings and sensitivities.

Tools, Tools, Tools will be given to each person in this class

This will be a very lively, interactive and informal class where participation by you is needed and encouraged.

This world is rapidly changing and we need to have the know-how and the ability to not only manage these energetic and other changes, but to flourish and use them to help ourselves in these very intense times we live in.

Time: 1 PM CT (depending on the number of participants this should last from 1.5 to 2 hours)

Where:  Skype conference, or conference call number – please send me your Skype ID so I can add you to my contacts.   This will be recorded and anyone attending will get a copy of the class via e-mail in audio format.




A Session with the Elohim!      TBA                    

Please join me and The Elohim for a journey of information designed just for you!  The Elohim (and others) will provide a guided meditation and answer questions. They will answer as many as they can in the time allotted!

This is a rare event for them to gather those interested in a Q&A session.

They will start with a meditation designed to bring in a harmonious energetic and a protected space for those attending. And then touch on the list below:

Sovereignty of You

Changing your Perspective

Changing your DNA Through Energetics

Questions should pertain to topic matter and current events.To get the most out of the session you may want to have some direction of a question or two ready! They LOVE questions and will supply a lot of information as well.

This will be recorded and will be made available for purchase to those who could not attend on my website within a few days after the event.

Date: TBA

Time: CT

Call Length: 1.5 hours (approx.)

includes recording of the call             

All those attending will have to have paid by end of day xxxxxxxx to be included in the live event.

A conference number will be sent to you via the e-mail you registered your payment with.

If you have questions please contact me: