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For now most all shows will be done through Goggle Hangouts and then is broadcast through to You tube. This process is in video AND audio format. If you have not used Google Hangouts before then you will have to install a plug in in order be able to be present in the google hangout. This should be done PRIOR to the date of the show as it can take some time. I can assist in a short training session for you if needed that usually only takes a few minutes to get the settings on your computer. Google Chrome is the platform.

I will need a headshot, short Bio and short topic description sent to me via e-mail. A skype ID and Phone number as back-up would be good too in case of technical issues.

There will be 2 links sent to you. 1 is for the audience only and will be sent via e-mail for you to post for PR This link is ONLY for the audience. It can be sent to you a few days to a few weeks out, depending on how far in advance your show would be scheduled.

The 2nd link will be for you only – it will be sent an HOUR prior to the showtime via your e-mail or Skype Text.

If this option does not work for you then I will need your Skype ID and a phone number along with  a headshot, short Bio and short topic description.

This is not the preferable method but it is available if we need it.

Please contact me via e-mail here: 

SKYPE ID: rebecca.jernigan (please use kansas city as the location and be sure to place a dot between my first and last name)