As a person who has had numerous contactee and Experiences I wanted to share some of the many drawings that I did in the early 90’s from those times/sessions. Some are symbols, others are visuals during channelings and the bottom 3 Entities are those I have met through contact experiences. I will be providing more information in the weeks/months ahead.

SCAN0002             SCAN0003         SCAN0004

SCAN0008       SCAN0006        SCAN0007           SCAN0005


Near-death Experience Resource Guide   (Near-death Experience Research Foundation) Co-founded by Dr. Jeffrey Long and his wife Jody, NDERF is the world’s largest near-death experience website.  NDERF has collected over 4,000 near-death accounts in 27 languages.  It is a wonderful source for general information, resources, and suggested reading.  NDERF is looking for near-death experiencers to participate in a new research study.  It is anonymous and completely confidential.

Jody Long has established 2 additional foundations-both contain a wealth of information and resources:   (Out-of-body Experience Foundation)   (After-death Communication Foundation)

All three websites offer chat-rooms and forums to share/listen/discuss, in a safe, compassionate setting.

IANDS’ mission and main focus is to support experiencers and promote near-death education and research.  IANDS is currently the only near-death organization to offer both national and international experiencer support groups.  Support groups are also available on college campuses. To locate the support group closest to you, please visit:


Dr. Raymond Moody is considered the “original pioneer” of Near-death studies.  Prior to the publication of his national bestseller Life After Life (1975), the term ‘near-death experience’ did not exist. Today, Dr. Moody is a world-renowned lecturer, author, and researcher in the fields of near-death and life-after-life studies.  His websites are a definite “must browse” :  (Past Life Research Institute). PLR is dedicated to studying the beneficial healing outcomes of past life experiences. The Institute is currently looking for participants (anonymous) for a new research study.  If you would like to participate, please visit the website. Research has shown that hypnotherapy is an effective tool in healing/integrating the near-death experience. Board member Darrel Q. is a certified master-hypnotherapist who specializes in regressing near-death experiencers. His contact information may be found on the website under contacts.

Facebook groups are a wonderful resource to meet like-minded, compassionate, and fascinating people who have experienced a variety of phenomena. I would suggest joining ‘closed’ groups, as these require a confidentiality agreement.