Journeys with Rebecca News for July 27, 2015

An update note.
I will be joining Jp tonight on Journeys with JP at 8 PM EST – 7 PM CT
It is the anniversary of the passing of Dave Corso – much of the topic tonight will be on Dave – 1st generation Super Soldier and then will follow with more insights and topics! I do hope you will join us both as we take a walk down memory lane and jump into the future on this show! Here is another link:
And again some announcements:
I will be returning to the airwaves with some familiar format and some new processes for the show. I am still determining on a 1 or 2 hour show at this time. I will be on PROJECT CAMELOT INTERNET TV NETWORK. This will be starting for me in just a few weeks.
It will require some additional equipment however, so I am reaching out to ask if you can help by donating – every little bit will help and will also allow me to continue with medical care.
I have some exciting new guests who I will be talking with and will be opening up an old process I used when I first started my show in 2001 – mailbag! This will be where you can send your questions and I will answer them on air – There will be a ton of new information on my website once all things are in place and confirmed guests, topics, etc.
I would love to hear from any of you on suggestions, etc.
I am VERY excited to be coming back!

I will be starting new classes again in September, 2015. This too will be posted on my website. Readings are still available on a limited basis.
There is soooooo much going on right now in the world I cannot wait to share and discover with all of you!
Please stay tuned for more information as it comes forward!