One on One Instruction – Mentorship Program

One on One Instruction Mentorship Program is now Open for enrollment

In these one on one instructional classes you will have access to all the knowledge, experience and application that my 50 plus years have gathered and applied, and has helped hundreds of people through the years.

From the Magikal to the latest science, from the unknown worlds to the known worlds, from this dimension to other dimensions, from this terrestrial world to unseen universes and timelines.  I can guide and share knowledge with you and give you the tools to step into higher vibrations and understandings.

To get further information read below of the broad outlines in each of the classes, then contact me via e-mail to: to set up a consultation.


Consultation fee: $25 for 15 minutes ( for consultation only to determine if this course works for you)

The Skill and Science of Modern Magik and Connection to Unlock Your Potential


This is a new one on one program designed to teach you how to unlock your own potential in the true nature of Magik, which is a scientific process in which our scientists are just now learning to unlock. Through this course you will be able to tap into that science and put it to use in your everyday life. This truly is a life changing course!

I always said that if I could teach others to see and feel like I do it would be fabulous. Well now I have laid out a step by step course for the individual to be able to tap into that realm and begin to understand who you are and what you are capable of.

Throughout our Known and Unknown History we, as humans, have so much more potential in understanding and navigating in this scientific/magical world.

These steps are geared to assist you in recognizing that untapped potential anOd bringing into a conscious level.

You will learn:

  1. Meditation – How to use this skill/Tool to assist in:
  2. a.Visualization
  3. Calming – (Especially useful in stressful situations whether it is yours or anothers)
  4. Focusing
  5. Grounding
  6. Exploration of your chakras (we will go through the major and minor ones within your body and those connected to “Higher Self” and or Source? Guides etc.)
  7. Communication within the self and outside self.
  8. Learn how to tap into the subtle information that is all around you. Using that skill to assist in Healing, Psychic Awareness, Empathy, communication with self, others and Guides.
  9. Tapping into the subtle field of energies and how to read them.
  10. Utilize energy identification in numerous ways to expand your consciousness to your surroundings and messages that are always being presented.  energy
  11. How to break down the energy into types
  12. How and when and why to apply these energies
  13. Marrying your logical brain with your intuitive brain
  14. How to understand energy patterns
  15. Navigating through the body using skills from all previous sessions and applying them for your particular life and surroundings
  16. Finding points of origin
  17. Using the Life Force Energy to heal self
  18. Using the Life Force Energy to heal others
  19. Opening to trust your intuition – practical information to test it
  20. Connecting to the Higher Mind/Higher Self
  21. Honoring your discoveries

There is much more in the individual lessons. These are accomplished by a video through Skype in 2 hour sessions making up 6 weeks in total. Meeting once a week. You will be given instructions in each session that you practice and apply and we will go over these results the following week before we move on.

It all wraps up with putting all the pieces together so you will have a clear, concise course and find that you have changed your life dramatically! You will be able to discern for yourself whether something is true or if the intentions of others are true. You will have more confidence, you will understand integrity and honesty with self and learn to love you for who you are.

You will be privy to the many years of practical applications that I have spent in this world. So take the step and let me guide you into this marvelous Quantum world where all things are possible.

Course Fee: $750 (Payment Plans Available – Please inquire)



This is a course for those who have taken my first course. In this one on one course we will get into very detailed information. It will take you to the next level and beyond opening the way for you to pull together Ancient  Knowledge/Technology along with re-discovering where your own talents lay. You will discover a vast array of Tools and Techniques designed to bring you to new awareness and understandings. For over 25 years I have helped thousands of people to become more aware and knowledgeable and equipped to navigate this world.

  1. Psychic Phenomenon
  2. Remote Viewing – includes protection and complete understanding of this process
  3. Viewing your own body and others for health inforamtion
  4. Recognizing incoming or out going energies –
  5. Identifying interfering energy or “drive bys”
  6. Numbers
  7. Astrology
  8. Tarot
  9. The positive way to protect yourself and others
  10. Identifying and banishing negative entities
  11. Tools and tips from Earth Energy Spirits
  12. Tools and Tips from Air Energy Spirits
  13. Tools and Tips from Fire Energy Spirits
  14. Tools and tips from Water Energy Spirits
  15. Honoring those who honor us
  16. Tapping into your own timelines
  17. Recognizing Soul Groups and your Missions
  18. Crystals
  19. Changing thought processes
  20. Frequencies, Vibrations, Energetics, Color, Sound it all plays a part
  21. Automatic Writing
  22. Lucid Dreaming Techniques
  23. Manifesting
  24. DNA Recoding


This is a 8 week course done online through Skype as video lessons. Meeting once a week for 1-2 hours with tons of homework and tools for gaining expertise.

Fee: $1250.00 (Payment Plans Available – Please inquire)