New Shows, Format and guests coming Soon!

After a long time of being off-air I will be returning to a new format, venue, guests and more. I am so grateful and humbled by everyone who has written me and kept in contact through these last many months thank you! I truly have missed all of you and my wonderful guests so I am very excited!
this past year I had many health challenges and had to work on getting better. Well I am better and through the generosity of a few people through their donations I was able to get better. I thank each and everyone of you for your actions.
The new format for the show is something that I still have information coming in about and over the next few days/weeks I will be updating my newsletter with the information and posting what I can here on the website. I will also begin a few classes in September. I am going to be re-introducing a feature of my mailbag for questions from the audience that I will be answering on air.
I am in need of a few upgrades for the new format and am appreciative of any donations to get what is needed. I will also be posting for some assistance for my new show and will be more specific once I get all the needed information. This is going to be great!
I look forward to this new direction, guests and reconnecting with familiar and new people once again!
You can sign up for the newsletter right here on the front page and you will find the donation button here too as well as the links to some social media sites.
Blessings to you all!