Hi everyone – A few weeks ago I did an update on my website – unbeknownst to me, I did not realize that some of my functions were missing, one them my newsletter sign up. It is now back on so Please be sure to sign up! And don’t forget to join me on twitter as that is where I utilize it for quick updates instead of inundating everyone’s e-mail with the newsletter for news and announcements.

I have added a few new sections to the website and renamed some of the pages as well. It is an ongoing process over the next few days as I am working on my site for The Great Revealing book soon to be published! And I have changed how to order the book on Tarot and the audio will be included in this as well. I have added a new show on Mondays – Journey into the New Normal and you can find all of that on the broadcast page. Archives for 2015 should be back up in a few days as well. Whew! Lots of changes! Have a great and safe Halloween!