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A new show with topics on timelines, Do’s and Don’ts of channeling – how to become more aware of energies, 7 rays and the evolution of the Human and so much more in the coming weeks!

Heard on wolfspirit.tv

New classes – be sure to sign up and a new class on advanced Timeline Integration (past Life) to be added in December.


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Hi everyone, Well as you may have noticed there have been a few shows that did not happen that were scheduled over the last 10 days – Interesting to note that all were caused by “technical” issues that could not be worked out even past the time of the live start time of the shows. I am doing due diligence on my end to try and correct these anomalies and hopefully the 2 shows will be able to be re-scheduled and live in the next few weeks!

I am going to be starting a few topics on the show with recurring type “themes” and will be making those announcements soon. Over the weekend I will also be scheduling for new classes and introducing some advanced classes as well.

There will be Topic specific Elohim sessions being added to that event that will be on the list for re-schedule this weekend – so be sure to bring your questions!

As one other topic here, I will also be doing some additional shows through several venues that will be scheduled in in the next week.

Lots of changes and lots of great things going on!




Check out the archives for any shows you may have missed and see who is coming up! Only a few more days to sign up for the channel event on Sunday – Don’t miss out – go to the Classes – events page!

All shows that have been aired are moved to the JWR archive page – Most will be in 4 parts – so after the live broadcast, and as soon as I have the links I will move them to the archive page!

See you next Tuesday!

Join me and Kerry Cassidy on the first live show on Project Camelot TV venue – I will be sharing some of the journey to the now and some memorable moments as ell as the new visions and information I have come across – Kerry and I will be sharing information on the new venue for all the hosts and many other topics! A fun fast hour to be sure. I will be on again on the 16th from 7-9 PM CT – my guest is TBA – i will be sending out a newsletter with all the specifics on the guests, topics, how and where to listen and join in etc within the newsletter and here. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and FB too!

My classes have full descriptions added –

See you soon!



I have 2 classes scheduled, 1 for Sept 27th – Past Life-Timeline and Guide for Empaths on Oct 4th! Sign up is located on the classes page! I look froward to seeing you there!