I have also added a new page under Extras for all of those who are interested in contactee experiences. I will be adding the Session with the Elohim for those who could not make the live event by Wednesday and hope to have the Tarot book and the audio companion ready as well!

Dr Barbara Mango will appear on the 18th not the 28th – please mark your calendars!

Registration cut off times have been posted for all the classes in November and December. Be sure to sign up soon as they are limited in space. I have also added a NEW class in December for all those requesting and ADVANCED class for timeline exploration! Check it out on the classes page!

Behind the scenes I have been finishing up my book – The Great Revealing Uncovering Humanity’s’ Beginnings, History and Hidden Truths. I am hoping within a few days to have it ready to purchase. I am working on a new website for it as well but I have run across some stumbling blocks I am just not able get through – Also have been keeping up dated on the website and will bring you more audio on Dreams/Visions audio section added last week. And have some new pics too I hope to get scanned in and uploaded this week.

Hope your weekend was delightful and will see you all this week in my broadcasts!


Hi everyone – A few weeks ago I did an update on my website – unbeknownst to me, I did not realize that some of my functions were missing, one them my newsletter sign up. It is now back on so Please be sure to sign up! And don’t forget to join me on twitter as that is where I utilize it for quick updates instead of inundating everyone’s e-mail with the newsletter for news and announcements.

I have added a few new sections to the website and renamed some of the pages as well. It is an ongoing process over the next few days as I am working on my site for The Great Revealing book soon to be published! And I have changed how to order the book on Tarot and the audio will be included in this as well. I have added a new show on Mondays – Journey into the New Normal and you can find all of that on the broadcast page. Archives for 2015 should be back up in a few days as well. Whew! Lots of changes! Have a great and safe Halloween!


In what has turned out to be a most interesting and challenging situation, the Project Camelot TV Network and other associated alternative media groups have experienced what they describe as “an attack on alternative news, information and media”. This had a direct effect on the E.T. Languages show scheduled for tonight and was the reason why PCTV Producers provided a new link for the live event.

This afternoon at approximately 4pm we were advised that these facilities were directly affected during one of their live broadcasts this afternoon and that for the sake of programming quality our broadcast tonight should be rescheduled. While we deeply regret the inconvenience it causes to our viewers we will not slow in our attempt to provide this show and continue our efforts to bring information that we feel is extremely important to you and the world. You will be the first to know when this broadcast is a “go”.

Please note:
Tonight Project Camelot TV founder Kerry Cassidy will be addressing this issue LIVE on LIVESTREAM and welcomes all who are affected by this to join. We will provide the direct LIVESTREAM link here as soon as it is available in the next couple of hours.

We appreciate your understanding in these unusual circumstances.

Hi everyone check out this link here:

A new show with topics on timelines, Do’s and Don’ts of channeling – how to become more aware of energies, 7 rays and the evolution of the Human and so much more in the coming weeks!

Heard on wolfspirit.tv

New classes – be sure to sign up and a new class on advanced Timeline Integration (past Life) to be added in December.


How to check out all the shows on Project Camelot TV Network:

VISIT OUR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/pctvnetwork
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEW CHANNEL  :   https://www.youtube.com/c/ProjectcamelottvnetworkHome


Hi everyone, Well as you may have noticed there have been a few shows that did not happen that were scheduled over the last 10 days – Interesting to note that all were caused by “technical” issues that could not be worked out even past the time of the live start time of the shows. I am doing due diligence on my end to try and correct these anomalies and hopefully the 2 shows will be able to be re-scheduled and live in the next few weeks!

I am going to be starting a few topics on the show with recurring type “themes” and will be making those announcements soon. Over the weekend I will also be scheduling for new classes and introducing some advanced classes as well.

There will be Topic specific Elohim sessions being added to that event that will be on the list for re-schedule this weekend – so be sure to bring your questions!

As one other topic here, I will also be doing some additional shows through several venues that will be scheduled in in the next week.

Lots of changes and lots of great things going on!




Check out the archives for any shows you may have missed and see who is coming up! Only a few more days to sign up for the channel event on Sunday – Don’t miss out – go to the Classes – events page!