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May 22nd – Bruce Fenton – The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution –

This book started out as some background fact checking to support my suspicions of an Australasian connection to the builders of a mysterious megalithic site in Ecuador. Having uncovered a link between the Lagoa Santa type people of ancient Brazil, I followed the evidence deeper into prehistory, leading me to proof of a forgotten history of Australasian colonisation of America. This account conflicted with the familiar narrative of human origins that involved a settlement of our planet by men and women walking out of Africa 70,000 years before the present day. My investigations of the mysterious archaeological site in the Amazon jungle involved direct expeditions, meetings with government officials and collaboration with international teams of experts. Part of this story featured in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper when in a December 2013 they published an article titled Explorers hot on the trail of Atahualpa and the Treasure of the Llanganates. The growing international coverage of my activities culminated in me being appearing on the popular Science Channel show The Unexplained Files; the episode was on lost races of giants, but my video footage from the Ecuador expedition also aired. To say that this research has been an exciting journey would be a massive understatement. Incredibly, my small background task of fact checking the human origins and early migrations spiralled into a mind-blowing recognition that there was an entirely lost chapter in human evolutionary history. Discovery after discovery pointed me towards the stunning conclusion that the popular Out of Africa theory for human origins was wrong, and that the understood colonisation of our planet was utterly flawed. This book offers the results of my detailed investigation into early hominin history; it is perhaps the most important document I will ever write.
May 29th – TBA

June 5th – Klaire D. Roy – The Circle of Initiates

Past and Present
A Brief Generic Biography and Critical Study of the Structure of Their Rays and Their Initiation Level by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

Provocative and visionary, this volume examines, from a spiritual standpoint, the lives of 109 influential personalities. It candidly unveils what drives and motivates them through the spiritual tools of the rays of energy and spiritual initiation levels.

What forces backed and sustained Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama? What is the nature of the energy that compels Madonna, George Lucas, Walt Disney and Beethoven? What is the source that fueled the genius of Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla, or the magnetism of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra? Which one of these personalities accomplished their soul’s plan? Which one of them made mistakes that impacted their destiny?

A ray is a type of energy that qualifies the six bodies that compose each human being (Monad (Spirit), Soul, personality, mental, astral and physical), and all that exists on the planet. The study of the seven rays of energy and how they influence us can help us greatly understand ourselves and those with whom we live.

Spiritual initiation levels measure the degree of evolution or the maturity level attained by our soul. From one life to another, our soul strives to attain a higher spiritual maturity through experiences, some positive, others seemingly negative. An awareness of our initiation level can be of great benefit in the understanding of our various life

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