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MY APPEARANCES: Ravenstar’s Witching Hour at Freedomslips.com Studio A for April 8th, Saturday 12 Midnight EST KCOR Digital Radio Network

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MAY 26th – My appearance on Hyperspace HERE: 

News and Announcements

Hi everyone! This is to announce due to some serious health issues I will not be doing the show for at least a month or more. I have asked Tobias to Host the shows while I am going through this process. – And that being said I will be canceling my classes until next year. Please enjoy my great fill in Host and the guests! I will try to update you as I can. Blessings to you All!





NOVEMBER 27TH- Jane Bernard – Lucid Living: In the Virtual Age – Think differently! Break through stereotypes and get what you need. By eating intuitively, it’s natural to sync with purpose and Life-changing insights by using your senses.. Learn to focus your mind and train your brain by eating intuitively. You can take your brain to the next level with easy resilience and confidence by thinking sensually. It will naturally organize, transform and enhance self-awareness and communication. If you’re not happy, it’s time to rewire your thinking.
The way you eat usually mirrors the way you make every decision. This means, if you eat fast and don’t really taste your food, the choices you make may not be based on really knowing all the facts. Or if you eat whatever is easiest instead of noticing what your body needs, you may be settling for less than you deserve. Your intuitive power dignity and strength are pure glamour. Lucid Living in the Virtual Age is a small handbook with big answers that could change your Life.
Check it out.

Your natural capacity to make a difference comes uniquely from within you and is updated and balanced constantly by what you sense. Connect with change to intuitively update options and balance stress.

You know more than you realize. Your heart knows where it wants to be. Check in with reality by way of noticing what you sense. Real reality is more intense than VR. Lucid living is multidimensional reasoning that sustains smooth connections with purpose, pace and opportunity. The greatest answers and joys in Life can be shown to be very simple.The future is ours to create.

Lucid means being clear about what you stand for. It leads to peace of mind.