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APRIL 3rd – Eternal Dharma How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life’s True Purpose By Vishnu Swami, The Maverick Monk

In Eternal Dharma, he addresses: To most people raised in a Western culture, Dharma is an ancient Eastern word of vague concept…does it have to do with your fate, your duty, your Karma? Oftentimes parodied on television, it seems to be something vaguely mystical.

But in a powerful new book meant for everyone seeking purpose and deep spiritual connection, Eternal Dharma makes clear that Dharma is something that everyone must grasp to achieve a life of alignment with their own nature and the nature of the Divine. Without that, success, love and joy are elusive and hard to achieve.

April 10th – Barry Strohm – Spirits Speak

“Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries” I use the gift of spirit communication to consult with spirit guides or the actual souls of the individuals that lived the conspiracies and tell the reader what really occurred.   In this book President Jack Kennedy tells what really happened at his assassination in Dallas, including the individual responsible for the conspiracy, the shooters and what really happened.  The real details concerning the death of General George Patton.  George Armstrong Custer talks about the real occurrences at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and why his attack on the Indian village failed.  You will learn who was behind the killing of Abraham Lincoln and the actual fate of John Wilkes Booth.  Students of the old west will find out that Sheriff Pat Garrett did not kill famous outlaw, Billy the Kid.  Other chapters tell the truth about Bigfoot, chemtrails and the government manipulation of the weather, clearing the name of King Richard 3rd, what happened to Malaysian flight 370, why the World governments keeps the alien presence a secret and much more.  The book gives a unique look at many of the events that shaped our world.

April 17th – 

Dr. Georgina Cannon – The Third Circle Protocol: How to relate to yourself and others in a healthy, vibrant, evolving way, Always and All-ways.

Anyone who’s in a couple, has parent-child tensions, an over-critical friend or a difficult boss, can benefit from reading The Third Circle Protocol. Its basic principles – have a healthy understanding of your own values and priorities, then consider the relationship with another as a separate entity – are now made understandable and practical to apply, through this book. All relationships are complex, and most people give lip service to “working on it,” but get lost in their own separateness. Georgina Cannon provides a map and exercises to get you and your relationships to a better place.

In The Third Circle, Cannon illustrates the importance of appreciating that a relationship between two people is a living growing entity, requiring nourishment and care. She provides inspiration to create vital relationships not only by knowing our values, priorities and needs but what we have to contribute. By following her rich and practical guidelines, we are positioned well to co-create fulfilling romantic partnerships as well as other rewarding friendships.


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