I am available for appointments for the rest of the year and into Jan 2018. Schedule your reading now to avoid my first price increase in many years!  Contact me if you need another time other than what is showng available.  I will schedule a time that is convenient for both of us.   PLEASE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED BELOW –

Please call 712.775.8972 conf # 638522 On your appointment day and time only!!!!1 This is where I can record your session. If you need me to call you Please indicate ASAP or you can use Skype by sending me your ID.

I have a new schedule program installed here – just click on the one you are interested in and the rest will be very simple for you – I now offer several different options to make your appointment as well as payment types. Use the scroll bar function to find what appointment you are looking for – click on it – set your time zone and it will populate a calendar – choose the date and time – it will then populate your name to fill in and at the end offer you several options of payment. There will be a form that you fill in – just once!   If you have difficulty please advise me by e-mail to: Thank you!