Updates Dec 2017

Happy Holiday Season to all!

I hope that you have enjoyed the guests and shows that Tobias has hosted for me these past weeks. I have missed all of you and certainly the great guests as well. I am happy that Tobias was able to take over these scheduled guests to bring you their information and conversation.
I have been asked what the health issues are – I am actually quite healthy, but I have some very old injuries that were never corrected and the pain was great enough and constant enough that I had to take care of it as it was affecting my daily life – everyday. So I am taking this time to clear the rest of the “junk” out and get prepared for the new year and on to being pain free. I do not have a surgery date yet but hopefully sooner than later. 🙂
I spoke to Tobias a few days ago and I thought it would be a good time for me to come on air and together we could do some readings for you on air on Monday night 12.4.2017. I am looking forward to connecting again with all of you.
Please Note: I am available for personal reading appointments during this time. I hope that you will take advantage of this to get information on the upcoming year 2018 – it will prove to be another even more interesting year than this one. So please contact me at: journeyswithrebecca@yahoo.com and we can get you set up for an appointment!

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